• Why Composite Doors Are Better Than Wooden Doors?

    Generally, home is an extremely important place for everyone. After all, here you spend a lot of quality time with your family members and friends. Everyone wants their home to look perfect and elegant. In this, your front entry doors play a vital role.


    Your front home entry door is the first thing that visitors see and remember for a longer duration. In short, it shows who you are and what you stand for.


    Today most of the people are opting to Composite Doors South California instead of Wooden doors. A composite door is made up with the combination of different types of material. This includes polyurethane (PU) and Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). The combination of different materials improves the performance of composite doors as compared to timber and wooden doors. The multiple layers or pre-finished and pre-hung system provides a barrier against the cold, wrapping, cracking and withstands all weather condition.

    On the other side, wooden doors also look elegant but its maintenance cost is high. The life span of wooden doors is very less as compared to composite doors. Wooden doors are more susceptible to the elements and failing to maintain. It can lead to warping, swelling, peeling, etc.



    Here are some best benefits of composite entry doors instead of wooden doors:


    # 1 Reliable and strong:
    One of the main reasons to choose composite entry doors as compared to wooden doors is its incredible strength. The composite doors are manufactured with high-quality timber and polyurethane material. The doors made up of these composite materials are highly durable, secure and safe. Moreover, this composite material is also used in boat construction.


    # 2 Thermally Efficient:
    These composite doors are very thermal efficient, drought resistance and keep your home as safe as possible. These doors are tightly fitted easily means there no heat escape and cold can’t come inside. This will lower your energy bills and keep unwanted sound out as well.


    # 3 Excellent Hardware Features:
    With composite doors, you don’t need to compromise on security. These doors offer you the best protection against intrusion such as anti-drill, anti-pick, anti-snap cylinder. The effective locking system and strong fame keep your home safe from thieves and unwanted elements.


    # 4 Attractive and Boosts your Kerb Appeal:
    Instead of wooden doors, composite doors are highly-attractive. It enhances the beauty and Kerb appeal of your property. The composite doors are resistant to GRP skin and can lead to no chance of color fading. Moreover, these doors give your property a timber look with modern performance.


    # 5 Life Expectancy:
    Mostly the life of wooden doors depends on the weather condition. If you maintain your door such as re-varnish, re-paint after one year then they can lead to 30 years. But the composite entry doors can last a lifetime. These doors are the best choice for a longer duration use. Moreover, they require low maintenance cost and stay looking good for a long period.


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